FAQ: How To Make Plain Greek Yogurt Taste Like Vanilla?

Can you turn plain yogurt into vanilla yogurt?

It’s pretty easy to turn one of those containers into vanilla without adding too many more calories to it, but making it pretty delicious. All you need is some vanilla extract and a little powdered sugar. I use a little cinnamon too.

Can I substitute plain Greek yogurt for vanilla Greek yogurt?

Use yogurt of any fat content, keeping in mind that whole milk yogurt has the richest flavor. If you like, substitute the plain yogurt for plain Greek yogurt. Freshly scraped vanilla bean is stronger in flavor than vanilla extract. Use sparingly, and just a small bit at a time to taste.

How do you Flavour plain Greek yoghurt?

Sweeten it up!

  1. Add a spoonful of jam or fresh fruit to replicate popular commercial yogurts. Start with 1 tablespoon per cup and adjust to taste.
  2. Add Sugar, honey, maple syrup or any other sweetener to taste.
  3. Flavor extracts. Add 2-3 drops of extract per cup of yogurt and adjust to taste.
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How much vanilla do I add to yogurt?


  1. 16 ounces of Greek yogurt.
  2. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
  3. 2 tablespoons agave nectar or sugar dissolved in water.

What can I add to vanilla Greek yogurt?

7 Yummy Toppings for Greek Yogurt Without Adding Sugar

  • Cinnamon. This is my favorite and I use it in almost every combination I eat with the yogurt.
  • PB2.
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice.
  • Natural Unsweetened Cocoa.
  • Vanilla Extract.
  • Flavored Liquid Stevia.
  • Something Crunchy.

What can you add to plain yogurt to make it taste better?

Plain Yogurt Add In #3: Extra Taste and/or Texture

  1. cinnamon.
  2. fresh mint.
  3. pure vanilla extract, almond extract, or lemon extract (use sparingly as it’s potent!)
  4. slivered almonds or pistachios.
  5. chia, hemp, or flaxseeds.
  6. cocoa nibs.
  7. naturally sweetened granola.
  8. cocoa powder.

How do you make Greek yogurt taste less sour?

All of this brings me to my first suggestion:

  1. Add Some Sweet and Juicy Fruit. Whatever you do, don’t add grapefruit. Instead, opt for some fresh mango or my all-time favorite, the humble orange.
  2. Add It to a Smoothie! This may surprise you, but I’ve recently been drinking smoothies like crazy!
  3. Add Peanut Butter and Honey.

What’s the difference between vanilla yogurt and plain yogurt?

Vanilla yogurt is creamy and sweet, reminiscent of ice cream. Plain yogurt is tart – an acquired taste for most people.

How much sugar is in vanilla Greek yogurt?

VANILLA GREEK YOGURT Classic vanilla flavor that always tastes satisfying, with 2g of total sugar per 5.3oz serving.

Why Greek yogurt is bad for you?

1. Because Greek yogurt can be made with bones and bugs. As with many yogurts, some Greek varieties add gelatin, which is made by boiling animals’ skin, tendons, ligaments, or bones. Many also add carmine to make the yogurt appear to contain more fruit than it does.

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Why does Greek yogurt taste so bad?

But, first of all, why is it so bitter? Well, turns out that after the fermentation process, Greek yogurt is strained more times than regular yogurt. This makes it have that signature thick texture and, most importantly, brings out the strong and bitter flavors that bacteria may cause once the yogurt is fermented.

What can you mix with plain Greek yogurt?

How to eat plain Greek yogurt and enjoy it:

  • Choose a creamy plain Greek yogurt.
  • Choose a juicy fruit.
  • Add a dash of honey or pure maple syrup (a dash!).
  • Optional: top with cinnamon for added flavor, stir in a spoonful of low sugar chia seed jam, or top with toasted oats and/or a low sugar granola.

What’s the best tasting vanilla yogurt?

Every Vanilla Flavor From 17 Yogurt Brands—Ranked!

  • Stonyfield Organic 100% Grassfed Greek Yogurt, Vanilla Bean.
  • Smari Organic Icelandic Yogurt Nonfat, Vanilla.
  • Brown Cow Greek Whole Milk Yogurt, Vanilla.
  • Icelandic Provisions Vanilla Skyr.
  • Siigi’s 4% Strained Icelandic-Style Skyr, Vanilla.
  • 1A.
  • 1B.
  • So… Which Brands Are Best?

Is vanilla extract bad for you?

When taken by mouth: Vanilla is LIKELY SAFE when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in foods. However, some people are allergic to vanilla. It might also cause headache and sleep problems (insomnia), especially for people who manufacture vanilla extract.

How do you sweeten homemade yogurt?

Try adding 1 cup of sugar and 1 TBSP of vanilla per gallon of milk. If you like your yogurt to be sweeter, adjust it up to 1 1/2 cups. If you prefer it to be less sweet, stick with 1/2 cup of sugar. You can also try sweetening with honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar.

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