FAQ: Where To Buy Liberte Yogurt?

What happened Liberte yogurt?

At the end of 2010, Pineridge Group sold Liberté Natural Foods to the multinational yogurt producer Yoplait. In 2011, controlling interest of Yoplait was sold to General Mills. Liberté Natural Foods was subsequently renamed Liberté Inc.

Does Walmart carry Liberte yogurt?

Liberte Liberte Mediterranee Yogurt, 6 oz – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Is Liberte yogurt still made?

A quick google confirmed my worst fears, General Mills bought out the Canadian manufacturer in the hopes of propping up their failing yoplait brand and is now manufacturing my beloved Liberté at their US yoplait plant.

Does Costco have Liberte yogurt?

Liberte Organic Whole Milk Yogurt, 12 x 5.5 oz from Costco.

Is Liberté yogurt healthy?

These come in a host of different flavors and are generally a good source of protein and fat but the Liberté Greek yogurt line is probably your best option as it contains the most protein — just be mindful of the sugar content.

What kind of yogurt is Liberté?

Liberté is luscious whole milk yogurt in captivating flavors. We’re committed to creating the purest product. That means staying true to our values. And that means using only natural ingredients.

Is Liberté Classique Greek yogurt?

Liberté Classique plain yogurt is a basic yogurt with a natural taste and soft texture.

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Is Liberté Greek yogurt?

In pure Liberté tradition, we’re innovating again in the Greek yogurt category with the introduction of the first extra-creamy Greek yogurts in the country. This new product combine all the advantages of authentic Greek yogurt with the pleasure of the best indulgent yogurts.

Is Liberté Greek yogurt made with Canadian milk?

In Canada, Greek yogurt brands such as Liberté, use milk-protein concentrate. The company’s new Greek yogurt and many others on the market contain only the necessary ingredients (milk, cultures and, in some instances, cream).

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