FAQ: Who Owns Noosa Yogurt?

Who is Noosa owned by?

Noosa was founded in 2009 by Australian-born Koel Thomae and Morning Fresh Dairy owner Rob Graves. The duo sold majority interest to private equity investor Advent International in November 2014. Since then, Noosa has more than tripled its sales, market share and production capabilities.

What company makes Noosa yogurt?

Noosa Yoghurt, the creamy treat made in Bellvue, has agreed to merge into the family of brands owned by private equity firm Advent International, the companies announced Tuesday.

Is Noosa yogurt from Australia?

Noosa makes the finest Australian style yoghurt, known for its thick, velvety texture, and wide variety of awesome flavors. They’re headquartered in Bellevue in Northern Colorado, just northwest of Fort Collins. With flavors both sweet and tart, you’re sure to find one you love if you appreciate quality yogurt.

Where is Noosa yogurt made?

The yoghurt is made at Noosa’s plant located at Morning Fresh Dairy, a family owned and operated dairy farm, where the milk is carried just a few steps from the cow to the Noosa plant and is often used in a batch of yoghurt the same day – sometimes within minutes.

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Is Noosa yogurt healthy for you?

7 Noosa. This trendy new yogurt might seem like the healthier option but it, too, is a sneaky source of sugar you’ll want to avoid. Though it’s less refined than pure white sugar, as you know- sugar is sugar is sugar, plain and simple.

Who owns Noosa today?

Noosa Today is part of the network of Star News Group publications and web sites.

Is Noosa Greek yogurt?

Noosa Yoghurt, with an “h”, is so named because it’s yogurt made in the Australian style. According to Noosa’s website, Australian yogurt is Greek-style yogurt that’s sweetened with honey, giving it a “sweet tart tang” and “velvety texture.”

How good is Noosa yogurt?

It’s lightly sweetened and has that yogurt tang to it but has a thick smooth texture that is like a softer Greek yogurt. The yogurt is perfectly enjoyable on its own but there’s also fruit on the bottom for a bit of variety. Overall, Noosa Yogurt is the creamiest yogurt I’ ve ever had and very tasty to boot.

What does the word Noosa mean?

It is widely accepted that the name Noosa comes from the local Aboriginal word “Noothera” or “Gnuthuru”, in the Kabi Kabi language, for shadow or shady place. An 1870 map of Noosa shows the Noosa River written as Nusa River.

Why is noosa yogurt so creamy?

Unlike Greek or Icelandic yogurt, noosa is not strained, so in that way it’s similar to a traditional yogurt. But since it’s made with whole milk, you get that “velvety, creamy texture” — one that noosa improves on by infusing with honey.

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Does noosa yogurt have probiotics?

noosa yoghurt is a great source of calcium and protein, and contains live, active cultures, and probiotics (often called good bacteria).

What’s the healthiest yogurt to eat?

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Why is Noosa yogurt so good?

Noosa yoghurt is becoming increasingly popular, and that’s not really a surprise. Noosa uses the finest-quality yogurt, along with honey for sweetener and real fruit preserves. It’s high in protein, calcium, and vitamins, and makes for the perfect summer treat.

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