Question: Trix Yogurt Where To Buy?

Can you buy Trix yogurt?

After a five-year hiatus, Trix is back on shelves at Walmart and SuperValu with two flavors: strawberry and berry. Trix got into the yogurt game back in 1992, after strictly being a cereal brand.

Was Trix yogurt discontinued?

Huge fans of Trix Yogurt have been asking Yoplait’s parent company, General Mills, to bring back the snack since it was discontinued in 2016.

Does Yoplait make Trix yogurt?

Last available back in 2016, Yoplait is now bringing back childhood favorite Trix Yogurt. Priced at $4 USD, Yoplait’s Trix Yogurt will be available in 8-cup packages at Walmart and SuperValu locations early May.

Is Trix yogurt healthy?

These days getting the family to eat healthy snacks is a lot easier, thanks to Yoplait Trix Yogurt. Yoplait Trix Yogurt is healthy and delicious! Yoplait Trix Yogurt is a great source of dairy and bursting with natural fruit flavors. Yogurt is considered one of the top health foods for both children and adults.

Did Walmart bring back Trix yogurt?

Yoplait’s Trix Yogurt was last available in 2016 and is officially back on shelves at Walmart and SuperValu stores in early May 2021, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. Each eight-count pack ($4) includes four strawberry and four berry cups, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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Is Trix still made?

Is Trix Cereal Still Made? Yes, they still make Trix cereal. The brand is owned by General Mills who launched the cereal in 1954. It was a sugary and much more colorful spin-off of Kix.

Why did Trix stop making shapes?

The cereal originally used spherical cereal pieces, but in 1991 these were changed to puffed fruit-shaped pieces, presumably to avoid clashing with Berry Berry Kix when it was introduced in 1992. In 2007, Trix reverted to their original shapes in the United States.

Did Trix used to be round?

Trix remained round until 1991, when General Mills turned Trix into fruit shapes. These little bunches of grapes, watermelons, raspberries, oranges, and lemons lasted for 15 years, until General Mills switched back to the original round shape in 2006.

Does Trix yogurt have probiotics?

Flavored yogurt such as Gogurt, Danimals drinkable yogurt, Trix yogurt, and even Yoplait! The good bacteria in yogurt are called probiotics and the yogurt bought in stores should include live and active cultures which refer to Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles.

How many calories are in Yoplait Kids yogurt?

With only 100 calories per serving, this kids yogurt makes a perfect anytime treat. YOGURT FOR KIDS: Creamy strawberry and blueberry yogurt perfect for your Disney Frozen fans. MADE WITH GOODNESS: Yoplait yogurt contains no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup and no colors from artificial sources.

Can adults eat Trix?

Trix are for kids (and adults): Cereal makers put their faith in nostalgia.

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Why can’t the Trix rabbit have Trix?

Even if he weren’t an anthropomorphic rabbit, he isn’t allowed to have any Trix cereal because it is only “for kids”. Not only is this slogan and marketing concept blatant and direct discrimination against Tricks the Trix rabbit, but it also encourages and promotes discriminatory practices and mindsets to our youth.

Are Fruit Loops and Trix the same?

Over at Foodbeast, they decided to do some original reporting on this subject, separating out the different colors of Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Trix and asking testers to determine which color they had just tried. The test results? Yeah, they’re all the same flavor. Kellogg’s confirmed this fact for Cecil Adams.

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