Question: When The Yogurt Took Over Narrator?

When the yogurt took over ending explained?

Ending Explained When humanity finally gives in to the whims and superior intelligence of the Yogurt, after 10 years of living under its control humanity finally has peace. The Yogurt then leaves humanity behind on Earth and sets out to travel amongst the stars.

Who does the voice of Calculon on Futurama?

LaMarche has also performed voices for characters in Hey Arnold!, Batman: Arkham City, Animaniacs, and Pinky and The Brain. Maurice LaMarche is a Primetime Emmy® Award winning voice actor. He does the voice of “Mobo,” “Calculon,” “Kif Kroker,” and other additional voices on the animated series Futurama.

Who plays Walt in Futurama?

Maurice LaMarche (born March 30, 1958) is a Canadian–American voice actor, comedian and impressionist.

What is the message in when the yogurt took over?

Bear with me on this one: “When Yogurt Took Over”—a story about sentient yogurt turning the world into a utopia then leaving—is an effective metaphor for abusive relationships and the anxiety of them ending.

Who narrates the yogurt episode of love death and robots?

The narrator is voiced by Maurice LaMarche who also voiced The Brain from Pinky and the Brain (1995).

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Is Calculon dead?

Death. Calculon died tragically in the world acting championship, poisoning himself to increase the realism of poisoning himself in the death scene of Romeo & Juliet. Despite his imbibement of the most deadly poison known to robots (food coloring), he still lost the competition to legendary actor Langdon Cobb.

Who is the father of Mom’s sons?

It is revealed in Bender’s Game that the Professor is the biological father of Mom’s youngest son Igner — the one whom Mom despises the most. Many references to the pulp science fiction magazine Weird Tales indicate the Professor may be named in honour of its editor Farnsworth Wright.

What is Igners secret?

In Bender’s Game, Igner helps Turanga Leela, Philip J. Fry I and Hubert J. Farnsworth escape his pursuing brothers, by denying that he had seen anybody to Walt. It was revealed in Bender’s Game that Igner is the son of Professor Farnsworth, making him the distant nephew of Fry and half-brother of Cubert J.

Are moms kids Professor Farnsworth’s?

Walt, Larry, and Igner are Mom’s sons and henchmen and are the recurring antagonists from the show Futurama. They are devoted to serving their mother and her schemes, as she often sets them out on dubious missions. Despite their comical personalities and characteristics, they often succeed in their tasks.

Is Ohio the yogurt State?

While Wisconsin might be “The Dairy State,” yogurt is the highest form of dairy and The State of Ohio is the cream of the crop. Henceforth, by the will of its people, Ohio will be forever and officially known as “The Yogurt State.”

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Who made Sonnie’s Edge?

[editor’s note: “Sonnie’s Edge” (link) was directed by Dave Wilson, from an adapted script by Philip Gelatt, based on a story (link) by Peter F. Hamilton; it was animated by Blur Studio.]

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