Readers ask: Clio Greek Yogurt Bars Where To Buy?

Are Clio yogurt bars discontinued?

Clio Snacks has announced the recall of Clio Greek Yogurt Bars and Greek Yogurt Minis sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club over a potential safety concern. According to a company statement, small metallic fragments from a piece of production equipment may have made it into Clio Bars.

Does Costco sell Clio yogurt bars?

We spotted the Clio Greek Yogurt Bars at Costco a few days ago. Anyway, these yummy-looking bars are made with Greek yogurt with a cheesecake texture and coated in chocolate. There are 16 bars in a box with 8 strawberry flavor and 8 vanilla flavor. Gluten-free.

Are Clio yogurt bars refrigerated?

You can enjoy your Clio bars for 35 days if refrigerated and up to 3 months if kept frozen.

Why are Clios sold out?

Clio Snacks is initiating a recall out of an abundance of caution because select products may contain very small metallic fragments from a piece of production equipment/machinery. The problem was identified and was promptly corrected. No injuries have been reported.

Do Clio bars need to be refrigerated?

They’re all 140 calories (the hazelnut bar is 150 calories), gluten-free, contain probiotics, and are made with whole milk Greek yogurt. Unlike yogurt, they can go without refrigeration for 12 hours — not like they’ll even last that long in your bag!

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Are Clio Greek yogurt bars Keto?

8 g protein. 100 calories per bar. Gluten free. Keto-friendly.

Does Costco sell Yasso bars?

Yasso, the better-for-you Greek yogurt brand, is debuting at Costco with its best-selling Mint Chocolate Chip Yogurt Bars, now in a bigger 15-pack box size and newer, mintier formulation.

Does Costco have yogurt?

Get what you love from Costco — delivered to you. Chobani Fruit on the Bottom Non-Fat Greek Yogurt, 20 x 5.3 o Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Greek Nonfat Yogurt Variety Pack, 1 Dannon Activia Probiotic Lowfat Yogurt Variety Pack, 24 x 4

How many Cliff Bars are in a box?

CLIF BAR Bulk Variety Pack, 36 Bars.

Who owns Clio yogurt bars?

Clio Snacks, a chocolate-covered Greek yogurt bar company founded by Ukrainian immigrant Sergey Konchakovskiy in 2015, has secured a $8 million series C funding led by its existing investor Alliance Consumer Growth (ACG) with additional participation by AF Ventures, formerly AccelFoods.

Is Greek yogurt good for you?

There are many yogurts on the market, and plain, nonfat Greek yogurt is a standout. All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. What distinguishes Greek yogurt is its thicker, creamier texture because the liquid whey is strained out.

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