Readers ask: Who Played Yogurt In Spaceballs?

Is there going to be a Spaceballs 2?

Brooks’ ‘Spaceballs’ featured a some of the best comic actors of the time. In 2013, he revealed that back when the film became a cult-favourite, MGM had wanted to do a sequel, and he had pitched idea for ‘Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II’. However, it never materialized.

Did George Lucas like Spaceballs?

What George Lucas thought of ‘Spaceballs’ Although he prevented Brooks from merchandising the film, Lucas embraced Spaceballs fully. “His company ILM did all the space effects and postproduction for us. And he was so complimentary about the picture.

Did Star Wars Sue Spaceballs?

Spaceballs wasn’t allowed to produce any merch During the interview, he mentioned that early on, he was worried about a potential legal battle with George Lucas over his film, saying ” I was afraid to get sued by Lucas. I sent him the script, and he said, ‘It’s fine. ‘”

Who played snotty in Spaceballs?

Spaceballs (1987) – Jeff MacGregor as Snotty – IMDb.

Why was there never a Spaceballs 2?

Spaceballs III “Mel wanted to do a sequel after it became a cult video hit,” Moranis explained. “It wasn’t a box office hit. It was a cult video hit, and MGM wanted to do a sequel. However, according to Moranis, the plan fell apart due to budget.

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How fast is ludicrous speed?

In Ludicrous Mode, the Model S can dash from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. If that isn’t quite fast enough, Tesla says with Ludicrous Plus Mode, it can manage to reach 60 mph in 2.3 seconds.

Is the castle in Spaceballs real?

The castle on the planet Druidia is King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. It has been modified by matte painting with additional ramps. Neuschwanstein Castle has been featured in many motion pictures, and it is the original inspiration for all Disney theme park castles.

Does Mel Brooks like Star Wars?

My deal with Star Wars was no action figures.” Even though profiting off of merchandising wasn’t an option, Brooks said that Lucas ended being very supportive of the film and even offering up his company to work on effects: “Lucas wrote me a lovely note telling me how much he loved the picture.

What is ludicrous speed?

Ludicrous Speed is a hyperspace speed considerably faster then lightspeed but is considered very dangerous to be used.

Did Mel Brooks get sued for Spaceballs?

Satire is generally exempt from litigation, but Brooks was an admirer of Lucas’s work and wanted to get his permission before starting on the movie. Working on a “funny” film of his own with Howard the Duck, Lucas agreed—but only on the condition that no Spaceballs merchandising be made available.

Is George Lucas in Mandalorian?

A new report indicates that Lucas will be “more heavily involved” with the upcoming season of The Mandalorian — Season 3 — than he has ever been before. No additional details are offered and Lucas’s involvement has not been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm executives at this time.

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Who were the twins in Spaceballs?

In 1987, Denise and Dian Gallup spoofed their roles as the Doublemint Twins in cameo roles in the Mel Brooks film, Spaceballs.

How old is Mel Brooks?

At 95, the legendary Mel Brooks continues to set the standard for comedy across television, film, and the stage. Now, for the first time, this EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winner shares his story in his own words. For anyone who loves American comedy, the long wait is over.

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